Raising the Slowbar

Specialty Coffee should be, well, special. For us, this is evident not only in the way our beans are sourced, processed and prepared. We love creating special events around and with coffee that are designed to wow you, take your coffee experience to a new level and might even challenge your sense perceptions.

Make. Time. Stop. - and check out what we're brewing ...  

Photo credit: Five Elephant, Berlin

Photo credit: Five Elephant, Berlin

Roast Masters of the World

No two coffees are alike - even if the beans come from the same farm. Craftsmanship and vision ultimately determine how a coffee turns out, and every roaster in every country does it differently. Our new Masters series features acclaimed roasters from around the world, exclusively at Sweet Science, and each for only one month. A professional Barista will expertly prepare beans from Germany, Canada, Norway, Romania, and Denmark in a tasting experience like no other. A maximum of four guests per event will learn about each coffee, various national roasting styles, and will observe our intensively developed preparation methods. They will also, of course, TASTE. This is an event aimed at die hard coffee lovers! Please email us at info@sweetsciencecoffee.com if you would like us to send a giftcard to a special someone.

blind date.jpg

a blind date with coffee

Ready to meet the coffee of your life? "Let's meet for coffee" is surely the most common sentence when linking up with someone new in romance, business, or friendship. We have decided to take HCOC (human contact over coffee) a step further by bringing a new "blind" dating experience to DC. In a calm, relaxed setting participants will first watch single origin coffees be prepared with various by-the-cup brewing methods (and participate if you want to stretch yourself!). Then, with blindfolds on, participants will taste the coffees alongside matching artisanal chocolate, and explore how perceptions change when eyesight is taken out of the picture. This is a fun way to challenge your senses while connecting over coffee in a meditative environment. Bring your date, be it a partner, a friend, family, or just yourself!

Photo credit: District of Coffee

Photo credit: District of Coffee

Local Roaster Cuppings 

There's no doubt that the DMV has become a specialty coffee hub in recent years. It's only logical that local Roasters would follow, and so they have: there are now loads of new small-batch outfits hidden away in warehouses, garages, and even in the back of some local shops. They're working with great passion in developing unique roasting styles and brands. Join us as we invite a new local roaster each month to showcase their beans, brands, and goals; they'll also discuss their motivations and the challenges of working in the industry. Local Roaster cuppings are free of charge, but require a sign up so we can deliver a great experience.